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I would recommend this course if you are simply interested in learning Assembly or learning about the fundamentals of computing. This is easily the most accessible and beginner-friendly way to go about it.

Nicole Durrant

Amazing course. If you want to build games, its a must have for you. It will be challenging but it's worth it.

Mark Narion

I actually wanted to learn assembly for the Commodore 64, but since both C64 and Atari2600 use the 6502 processor, I thought I would give this course a try. And I'm glad that I did. Immediately I felt that my fear of assembly disappeared, and I'm ready and motivated to learn more.

Bård Baadstø Ildgruben

This course was great. All concepts presented were very well explained. I wanted to know for some time about programming games, I believe this was the correct place to start. I only hope he makes more courses in the future. You can count me in.

Matt Gallagher

Everything is explained so well and you can tell the instructor is very knowledgeable in this subject matter.

Joseph Girgis

This is amazing! I love the course! The explanations are super great! and it's very educational for me! keep up the good work.

Henry Llerena

One of the best courses I've bought. Very to-the-point and concise. All concepts are explained in great detail. A great way to start learning about 6502 Assembly for the Atari 2600.

Gunnar Karlsson

I used to develop for the Apple IIe and the Commodore 64. I knew they both used the 6502. I was not aware that the Atari also used a stripped down 6502. The instructor is being very thorough in getting his students prepare for assembly. Getting them familiar with the machine architecture which is paramount. I really like his approach.

Jamie Robillard