Understanding Bitshift Operations

by Gustavo Pezzi


Learn the basic ideas behind using bitshift operators and how they are applied in game programming.


C++ 2D Game Engine Fundamentals

by Gustavo Pezzi


Learn to create a basic 2D game engine from scratch using C++, SDL, and Lua scripting.



14-day money back guarantee

Programming Games for the Atari 2600

by Gustavo Pezzi

Lose your fear of Assembly language by learning how to program games for the Atari platform.



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About us

Hello world!

What's vec2(0,1)?

Pikuma is an education platform. Our goal is to teach game programming while covering the fundamental concepts of computer science and mathematics.

While some people look at games as just kid's stuff, our team realized that game programming is the one task that uses almost all disciplines of the computer science standard curriculum.

How are we different?

We care about the fundamentals. With our courses you will learn the low-level of how things work and why they work.

We teach and care about your learning unlike the big players! You will notice that our professors are always one message away. This gives you a more personalized learning experience than any other platform. It's like getting a university-level one-on-one tuition with top-quality teaching.

Your understanding comes first. Each course comes with a set of lectures, videos, exercises, and activities to consolidate your knowledge on the covered topics.

We believe in providing best courses at the most affordable prices. Our courses are priced lowest in the market, and we are so confident that you will love what we do that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. No subscription, no nothing!

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